Tuesday, July 30, 2002

To: Jennifer Heffernan, General Manager, Online Banking, Bank of Qld

Dear Ms Heffernan

Thank you for your full response of 29th to my letter of 15th July about Net banking. I am however still bemused that I had to write to the Chairman of the Board to get your response. There seems to be a big gap between your advertising slogans (“putting the customer first”) and your actual practice.

My further comments:

I know of NO paper bank statement that omits running balances. If you want to wean your customers off paper and get them on to the net instead, you are hardly going to do it by offering REDUCED service. You should be offering better service.

If you offer a “Contact us” facility you should provide it. Doh!

Backspacing is elementary on the internet. Get with it!

I am once again amazed that I had to write to your chairman to get my Bankcard statement online. Is that the only way customers can get it done? Have you done anything to check why the branch did not carry out this simple request?