Saturday, August 18, 2007

TO: Banking Ombudsman

Dear Sir,

Last month I went in to the Stones Corner branch of the Bank of Qld to arrange for a "telegraphic transfer" of some money to a UK account.

How long would YOU think a "telegraphic transfer" would take to go through? Silly little people like me would think that it would be like the internet -- instantaneous. But NO! I was told it would take "several days"

I could see no reason for this so wrote to the BOQ about it and got back a reply from some drongo named Gavin Watts. The full limit of Mr Watts’s interpersonal skills was to tell me that the bank was legally entitled to do what it did!

I subsequently wrote to the BOQ chairman about the matter but was ignored.

Blind Freddy knows that money transfers these days are electronic and instantaneous so I can only conclude that the hold the BOQ put on my money was to earn them a few cents of interest while they held it. Since I paid them $30.00 for an instantaneous service I am most aggrieved by this pettiness and believe that I should be refunded the $30 I paid for a service which was not delivered.