Thursday, May 10, 2007

TO: Chair, Bank of Qld

Dear Mr Roberts,

I must be a hero of persistence. Once again I have been victimized by gross BOQ stupidity. You have sometimes been able to help in the past so I am alerting you to this matter too.

I have been accustomed to using internet banking on my A/c 90-REDACTED. Transfers to other banks are however limited to $5000. So I put in to raise the limit to $15,000. The new limit was approved.

End of story? No way! Not with the boneheaded BOQ. Now I cannot transfer ANYTHING at all! The upgrade has turned into a severe inconvenience. I am told that I now have to go into a branch to get a new password or otherwise get stuffed.

I am going in alright -- to draw out all my money

Yours Incredulously

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