Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TO: V.C. Dougherty, MD staff, BOQ

Dear Ms Dougherty

Thank you for your letter of 11th.

May I suggest that there is a simple way for the bank not to be called "boneheads"? Don't act that way.

Apropos of that I would like to ask you just one question:

Why was I allowed to transfer $5,000 out of my account one day without a token but next day I was allowed to transfer not one cent? Certainly not $5,000.

You can guess what I think of that great and unexpected inconvenience to which you subjected me.

I think a policy change on that is clearly called for. Don't you?

Your absurdly complex token system has simply persuaded me that I should no longer keep significant funds in my BOQ account. I was for some time keeping substantial funds there for the sake of convenience but since you have taken the convenience away I have taken the funds away.

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