Thursday, July 19, 2007

TO: Chair, Bank of Qld

Dear Mr Roberts,

As a long-term BOQ shareholder, I like to do a certain amount of business with the bank in order to check on stupidities in the bank's operations. And, as you know, I find plenty. I am sure you appreciate the opportunities my comments give you to upgrade your operations.

I would therefore like to draw your attention to another stupidity in your bank's internet service.

When users log on to inspect details of their account, they are given several options for what is displayed. They can see the last week's transactions, the last month's transactions etc.

But that does not apply to Visa card accounts. "Since last statement" is the only option given.

Why? If you are going to provide an internet service why can you not do it properly?

Note that I have NOT directed this letter to Gavin Watts. His idea of customer relations is to tell people that the bank has a legal right to do what it does -- full stop. Is he the best you can do? He sure needs lessons in how to win friends and influence people.

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