Friday, August 2, 2002

Dear Ms Heffernan,

Thank you for your reply. I am glad you have given consideration to the matters I raised and will just about leave it at that.

As a Bank of Qld shareholder, however, I have a vested interest in seeing the bank run intelligently so I will leave you with a few more small suggestions which could, I believe, help.

1. For a start, I was glad to see on my visit to your Queen St branch today that the safety deposit area was secured by use of the steel vault door. You obviously have listened to my concerns in that matter. Having a foot-thick steel door left ajar all day certainly looked like a third-world level of care.

2. Your counter staffer DID TRY to link my Bankcard A/c to my net facility. Finding out why her attempt failed is surely worth investigating. I have observed in the past that counter staff always have difficulty tracing a bankcard that is used to provide a line of credit for a cheque a/c. One would have thought that this information would be shown as part of the cheque A/c details but obviously it is not. Remedying that would probably fix the internet linking problem too.

3. I wrote to the bank earlier on about the warding key debacle in the safety deposit area at your Queen st branch. I could not understand why a spare warding key could not have been used to replace the "broken" one. The explanation I got from branch staff was a farrago of nonsense and the explanation I got in response to my written enquiry was no better. I did however today discuss the matter with your locksmith and he made sense. As there seems to be a continuing problem in this area, may I suggest that you arrange for the locksmith to answer future queries about the matter? Your staff are certainly not up to it.

4. Like other banks, you ask people to use a long account number to log on to your internet facility. How do you think people remember these long numbers? They don't. They write it on a piece of paper somewhere near their computer. That is asking for trouble. You are encouraging and facilitating fraud by making people use these long numbers.

So be a devil and set the pace to reform of this most unsatisfactory situation. Allow people to choose their own identifying name or number -- like most internet sites do. If so many non-bank sites do it, it cannot be too difficult.

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